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Financial Education and Advisory Platform

We believe that a strong foundational understanding of how money works leads to much more sound financial decisions. Utilizing comprehensive financial illustration tools and creative learning platforms, we will take complex financial strategies and make them simple enough for even a financial novice to understand.

YouCan Be The One

Many people know that an entire family's legacy can be changed by the deeds or contributions of just one family member.  You can be that catalyst for financial change in your family!


Even if you feel that you may not have the knowledge or the financial resources to do so, this old cliché is fact:

“It’s not how much money you make, it’s what you do with it that matters.” 

Understanding a few powerful, but easily understood financial strategies will allow you to “amplify” the value of your dollars, allowing you to make financial decisions that will help you to live well and leave a legacy. 


It really only takes you to change your family's financial future forever.


Life's Changes

Perhaps you have a business or property that you have sold for a profit and are considering the most efficient strategy for your next financial move or investment.


Tax allocation is one of the most important and least understood aspects of financial planning. Although we do not give tax advice, we do teach advanced strategy which can help you to hold on to significantly more of your investment returns. All plans are customized to fit your particular situation and needs. 

About Us

It is the mission of Advanced Legacy Concepts is to create better financial futures and legacies through a higher quality of financial education. 


It is our passion to creatively guide our clients to a better understanding of money and financial planning.

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The Executive Plan™ Design                          for                        Higher Income Earners

Individuals with higher incomes (and higher tax brackets) need customized retirement planning strategies that take advantage of current retirement law provisions.  


Unfortunately, most in the financial planning arena are not aware that The Pension Protection Act of 2006 dramatically increased the capacity of custom tax-deferred retirement plans, making it possible to dramatically lower taxation on higher incomes, while accelerating retirement efforts by up to 20 times that of traditional retirement plans.

Generational Wealth Building

Wealth building strategies should be generational, benefiting both one’s current lifestyle and that of future generations. When properly executed, effective wealth building strategies protect, grow, leverage, amplify and efficiently transfer financial assets.


One of the most powerful financial strategies that allows these desires to be carried out is Legacy Banking™. This little-known generational wealth building strategy is a favorite of ALC Strategists. Learn more by watching the Legacy Banking™ presentation.

Social Security Maximization

Social Security Planning is retirement planning.

With over 60 percent of income in most retirement households coming from Social Security, its maximization is  of utmost importance.


There are thousands of different strategic combinations that can be implemented when filing for Social Security. Making a wrong decision can cost an individual up to $100,000 or more of income that they were entitled to receive.


ALC advisors are knowledgeable about the recent major changes to Social Security that were brought about by the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015.  Most of the major changes occurred at the beginning of 2016, and have completely changed the landscape of retirement planning.


If you are not sure that you are maximizing your Social Security benefits under the new rules attend one of our Social Security Workshops or request a copy of a customized Social Security Maximization Report. 

While always putting people before profits we will enhance financial lifestyles today and for generations to come.

Rich Thompson Jr. - Founder

Explore our website to learn more about our team and services. 

We invite you to call us at 888-958-1158 to discuss your specifice needs and questions.  


Our Team

We have carefully hand-selected a team of financial strategists and advisors extensively trained on a portfolio of little-known advanced wealth accumulation and legacy building concepts and strategies which set them apart from most traditional Financial Planners.

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